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One thing I’m very thankful for is my creativity – especially when it’s someone’s birthday and I’m struggling to find the perfect gift or card.  Hand-made cards are a long-standing tradition in my house.  From an early age, my Dad would craft amazing birthday cards for us.  I always looked forward to the envelope enclosing the heavy watercolour paper, anticipating the masterpiece I would receive that year.  I’ve carried on the tradition from the Lego character my nephew loves to a mythical characters from a Star Wars cartoon all been featured on cards I’ve given in the last year.

I’ve also been fortunate to have friends who appreciate and enjoy my art.  They have all been supportive of my budding art career, so at birthday time, it’s an easy choice of what to give.  Of course, I like to personalize gifts as much as possible, so that means a new, original piece is on the block for creation.

Evenings this week have been occupied with going away parties and appointments, which left yesterday afternoon for studio time.  So, several hours before the party I set to work on a 20×20″ canvas, priming my palette with colours that reminded me of my friend and let loose on the canvas.  A couple hours later, I had a great painting that I was happy with and more importantly she loved when I presented it to here last night.  Here is the painting from start to finish.

birthday present progress1© birthday present progress2 birthday present progress3© birthday present complete©

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  1. I’ve occasionally made birthday cards in the past, would really like to start making all my own cards and being really original! Need to have a bit of faith in my own creativity – that it’s good enough for a card! Also like the idea of creating art as a gift, but again, need to get over thinking it won’t be good enough! Great post 🙂

  2. Go with your guts instinct – you’ll know who will appreciate the time and effort that goes into a handmade gift. It can be very hard, but we have to let go of that harsh inner critic, you know the one, that really bitter teenaged girl and listen to the critic that is being constructive and has helpful suggestions. Start with something simple to help build your confidence. Your efforts will be appreciated!

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