Update – the Barn Owl panels – complete!

It was a labour of love, and the gold and blue barn owl panels are now complete.  The pieces are on 12×36″ wrapped canvas with acrylic paint and india ink.  Here are some photos of the progression of the gold piece (which was much easier than the blue) and the two completed paintings.

Barn owl blue panel fixing lines© Barn owl blue panel complete© barn owl gold panel penwork© 2 barn owl gold panel with background© barn owl gold panel first layers© barn owl gold panel in progress© barn owl gold panel complete© barn owl panels complete©

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I'm an avid birder and naturalist, with the good fortune to work as a park interpreter. I get to spend every day in a beautiful park, so no matter how challenging, all I have to do is look out the window and the natural world is there to greet and soothe my soul.

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