Finishing up…

I started this Great Blue Heron painting a couple of months ago with intentions to finish it right away.  I had been looking at lots of paintings in the art nouveau style and was thinking about how to incorporate nature into the genre.  I did some preliminary sketches and started the pen work on the canvas.  And then life happened, as it often does.

So after weeks of being sick and then another week of being tired from being sick, I finally was feeling like tackling this painting again.  I had done the preliminary pen work for this painting and started to paint it and then decided I needed to go back and change some of the layout….so layers of gesso later I was able to work on it again.

The subtle colours in the neck of this bird are particularly challenging.  When you see this bird in the field, you don’t always notice all the different colours, but when you look really closely, it’s amazing what you will see.  It took a while, lots of layers of paint and glaze, but in the end, I’m quite pleased with the final product.

great blue heron painting with blue background© Great blue heron with leaves© Great blue heron almost done© Great blue heron complete©

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I'm an avid birder and naturalist, with the good fortune to work as a park interpreter. I get to spend every day in a beautiful park, so no matter how challenging, all I have to do is look out the window and the natural world is there to greet and soothe my soul.

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