Art Journal Page – Alcohol Ink Poppies

I’ve been watching lots of tutorials on gelli plate monoprinting over the last week and somehow my mind went to alcohol inks.  So I decided that this week I would try a journal page using this media.  To prep the paper, I gessoed the page and then added a coat of varnish.  I think the varnish was a bit of a mistake – the ink seemed to be slow to dry and was rubbing off.  Fixative made things run a bit, but it did seal everything in the end.

I started the page with some large drops of different coloured inks (butterscotch and cranberry) and then dropped some alcohol to help spread the ink around.  The rest of the ink was apply with a felt-tipped tool – dabbed and twisted the rest of the  ink and got amazing texture and colour so quickly.  This was the best part of the page – how fast it came together.  I started to see some shapes in the colours and defined poppy shaped and stems using the fine tip of the bottle.  A little definition with a gel pen and a tag with a quote and page was finished.  I will definitely continue to experiment with alcohol inks – next time, I’ll skip the glossy varnish and try matte medium instead.

Enjoy the images.

art journal page alcohol poppies start© art journal page alcohol poppies first layer© art journal page alcohol poppies complete©

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