Art Journaling – adding some inserts

The current art journal I’m working has fewer pages than the last one I was working with.  While it’s made it much easier to work in – I’m finding that I’m having some addition inspirations that I want to journal, but I don’t want it to take up the entire book.  So I created some insert journal that will be added to the book to follow those specific themes and ideas.


In one of the on-line art classes I took, I was directed to this great tutorial to create an art journal from one piece of 22×30” paper.  Here is a link to the site.  The journal is very easy to make and lots of fun to work with.  I’ve started on the cover on one of the journals, which is going to be about colour exploration.  Stay tuned to see the theme for the second insert.

art journal inserts© art journal insert cover1 start© art journal inserts cover1 finish©

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