Art Journal Page – Words, October 27, 2013

Sunday night is art night and facing an incredibly messy table in my studio and not many ideas I decided that a good start would be to use some of the materials scattering the top of the table.  I added some stickers that I’m trying to use up and an interesting collage started.  After that I took out some cheap craft paint (that I’m also trying to use up) and started adding some more colour.  Purple seemed to catch my attention this time around.


After working on the background of the page, it was time to find a focal point – so, I decided to cut out this image of a woman and add it to the composition.  You make recognize the pose – I used this as my reference photo for the Red Umbrella page last week.  Once she was laid down I found her dress dark and depressing, so I thought that I would add some colour and texture.  I thought about moulding paste and opted instead to go with gel medium with glass beads.  I haven’t used this medium in a really long time and I thought it would add the texture and light that I was looking for.


After being extremely impatient waiting for the medium to dry (and cooking it with my heat gun) I was able to add some purple paint (a nice Golden fluid acrylic).  After some journaling and some more letter stickers, the page was completed.  Enjoy the images of the journal page words start© art journal page words collage© art journal page words glass beads© art journal page words complete©

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