Ready for Release

It’s been a really busy past month – add a nasty cold that you can’t take anything for and you have a pretty miserable and unmotivated Sarah.

So, I took to my art journal on Sunday – and took my time.  Everything has been so rushed in the last couple of weeks that taking my time felt like a luxury.  It’s sad that it has started to feel like that – really, taking your time shouldn’t feel that out of the ordinary, yet these days, it does.

So, here is the page from start to finish.  Three beautiful hours of @Strombo on the radio, play, colour and finally expressing some of the thoughts and feelings that needed release.

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I'm an avid birder and naturalist, with the good fortune to work as a park interpreter. I get to spend every day in a beautiful park, so no matter how challenging, all I have to do is look out the window and the natural world is there to greet and soothe my soul.

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